Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing a vb program to obtain data from a usb device(HID class). However, I need to poll it every second to check if there is any data received from the device. Is there any other method that I can get the data but didn't poll it frequently (like Comm port control interrupt receive event)?
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  • Kuon
  • like a IRQ and u can setup a callback function to handle the interrupt..just my logic ...
    i can't write it successlly..^^!!
    P.S m English is too bad
  • kpyiu
  • 我現在是用 ReadFile 去讀取那個usb device 的. 但我完全不懂得怎樣使用 Callback function, 又與 IRQ 連結起來. 可否給我 some hints or Sample codes?